Barbie Dolls: Made in USA

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One of the most beloved discoveries made in the USA was the Barbie Doll. Children from all ages are known to own, at least ONE of these dolls. Mattel had launched the doll way back in March 1959. Barbie was based on the German Doll, Lilli, and the idea of Barbie is credited to American Businesswoman, Ruth Handler. Barbara ‘Barbie’ Millicent Roberts has taken the fashion world of dolls by storm, and has been dominating the market ever since its launch. It had become very popular with the teenagers across the world, and still is.

However, Barbie has also been the subject for controversy and ridicule time and time again. Her height of 11cm, would translate to 5 feet 9 inches to a normal girl. However, her vital stats are extremely misleading. It is impossible for a woman to have a 36 inches bust, an 18 inch waist and 33 inches hip – and teenagers who would attempt to do that would end up becoming anorexic. Since this was giving out wrong messages to the teenagers, a new Barbie was designed bearing in mind the human possibility. Barbie has had plenty of family members added to the collection, but she continues to be the chief figure for Mattel. Ken was designed in order to give Barbie a companion, but they had split up during 2004.

The only time Barbie faced competition was when Bratz dolls were released into the market. But since the creator of these dolls from MGA had been working in Mattel during the time Bratz came into the market, Mattel filed for a lawsuit. Barbie is a truly American product, and tries to portray a new dimension for woman. Barbie is a woman of many talents, and has even her own pilot’s license. A particular line featured her in a variety of avatars – ranging from doctor, pilot, astronaut, and teachers.

Source by Kathy Mercado